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The One Layer Collab The One Layer Collab

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Can't say I enjoyed this very much

First off, NEVER, EVER use röyksopp when you have to run it through such a rough compression. Their music is very dynamic and relies heavily on the small details, this gets lost when compressing it this heavily. Most of the sound effects also sounded terrible (waaay to loud). Uhm yeah, on to the actual animation.
Well, to be crude, this reminded me of a daily toon. In the way that it seemed like you just crammed lots of blammable material into a single flash just to make sure it would pass judgement. It had some gems, but they got lost in all the rubbish. Specially when all the bad stuff was so long and the good stuff was so short. I'd suggest some tighter collab leadership next time. This idea just seems pointless when you were able to just put movieclips on top of eachother. Maybe next time (if there will be a next time) you should also make a universal theme for the entries so it doesn't become a simulation of swapping through random TV-channels with 90% crap.

Better luck next time.

The André Movie The André Movie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is sucks

UHHHH, I don't like it so much that it gets cool.

cool stuff.

Scotsman V. Sinistar Scotsman V. Sinistar

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Wow, great job

Stealing everything that is.
Any fucking moron can download some images, place them in flash and add some appropriate dialogue from a movie.

I do not really find it funny, and you didn't do shit, except from making some frames.
Therefore it scores a superlow 0.

MEKofTheMEKkingdom responds:

Sorry, they don't have super low here; otherwise I’d give your manner a frikkin’ superlow minus-infinity.
Hey, I was just trying to appeal to the people out there who like Phoenix Write/Wrong. And I'd prefer to do it in a way that they can recognize, because if I did it in my own artwork, they would say I was crap and I should have used the sprites.
If I'd it in my own artwork, then you would have said I'd stolen the artwork or that my artwork was so bad that I should have used sprites. I can't win either way with your sort, the sort that has no allowance for those just starting up in Flash and perhaps don't really care about originality and perhaps just wants to give people a bit of a laugh, I don't need to take that crap from you, If what you say about ", place them in flash and add some appropriate dialogue from a movie." Then that applies to "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom" and The Original "Phoenix Wrong" cartoons. I don't have to listen to you, to me you are nothing, nobody, you can't talk me out of making these kind of movies; maybe I find enjoyment in making them and just want a few people to find it funny, huh? Think of that? You unfair, demeaning, smug bastard, why don't you get a bit broader-minded and just think to yourself, "Hey, it doesn't appeal to me, but it's got some lip sync and I guess it's pretty funny to that particuly in-crowd that understands it" instead of ‘Oh, this is a sprite movie, I'm going to give him a bad score 'cause he just wanted to make something quickly 'cause he's got better things to do than draw loads of things that are already done so he can get on with that Original, self drawn movie he's making with his friends’.
And, stolen images? EXCUSE me, but I fully credited the website I got the images from, and funnily enough, it’s the same site used as the ‘Phoenix Wrong’ authors got them.
And “Stealing everything that is.” Bwahahaha! I didn’t steal anything you brainless dolt, I CREDITED everything, The two tracks of music, the sound effects, and the Scotsman and Sinistar, so no, I didn’t steal anything, and I also put the “Original Phoenix Wrong” in the special thanks, acknowledging that it was them who I was thanking for giving me the idea; everyone takes ideas from other people, originality is simply a mix of other things in a certain way. So is Randy Solem a “fucking moron” as you so crudely put it because he uses well-known sprites that people who like Mario video games can relate to? I think not.
‘I do not really find it funny,’ Fair enough, everyone has different tastes.
“and you didn't do shit” Yeah, I only 85 items, most with over ten different key frames, carefully arranged so I could use the graphics options to get semi-accurate voice acting and actions. Then I went and physically recorded the Scotsman’s speech in segments, then edited them to make them easier to hear and with the least background noise, then place them in Flash, face preposterous loading times, then build the whole thing around them, taking two solid days of work, while you sit there on your fat substructure, watch it for free, then have the nerve and stupidity to start flaming me because I’m using sprites, you are a idiot and a sad, sad loser, if you hated it that much, why not give me some constructive criticism so I can get better; considering you’re obviously so much better than me; otherwise you wouldn’t be quite the thick-headed unintelligent retard you make yourself out to be.
Making some frames? Yeah only 6119 frames of animation.
“Therefore it scores a superlow 0.” Wow, up to the “superlow” you sounded like a maths wiz, man, you think “superlow 0” is a number? Yeah, its right next to the number “Shut the hell up you retard and get your head out of you know where”.

No Moustache, No Life. No Moustache, No Life.

Rated 5 / 5 stars



I really like the sounds.

sharksummer 8 sharksummer 8

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just like I would have made it.

Poison-Rat responds:


Mac Parody: Gaming PC Mac Parody: Gaming PC

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Hmm yes windows must be superior

Thats why it gets worse for every start-up I guess. (This has been confirmed by microsoft!)
I don't know how the hell people manage to crash a mac OS? If one application crashes at least it doesn't take down the whole operationsystem like windows does. However I guess its more about the user, cause windows doesn't really crash a lot either, not for me at least.
Oh well, some are happy with macs some are happy with windows.
Anyway windows is not "developed" for gaming. It started as a cheap rip-off from Apple II. Apple made the first big sucessfull operation system with a graphical user-interface. This system was from an idea they bought from Xenon. Some years later windows comes along and steals the idea. Learn your history.
Even now microsoft still copies what mac does with their OS. Look at windows Vista, it has the same function as Mac OS X has today, and isn't coming out until sometihng like 2007.

Anyway enough mac vs windows talk, time for the movie critique.

Okay, the graphics... Well, I'll just say, try to improve them next time. Try cleaning up the lines and try to add some style to it. Also the character design is really boring, two people looking allmost the same, doing the same stiff movement. if you look at most cartoons character that are the opposite are often a big contrast to eachother.
The sound quality was ok.
The humor isn't too great, well my opinion may be influenced from the fact that I am using a mac. But the idea is so overused, wow macs don't have as many games as windows, hahaha that's sooo funny! That would be like I would make a movie saying how windows doesn't have logic pro.

hmm, this just turned out like a big "mac is better" thing, I'll end it here.

&amp;gt;Attack Of Purple Alien >Attack Of Purple Alien

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The graphics were okay, with some work it could be a cool style.
The animation wasn't really there, it was mostly some tweens, and some text with blur effects.

The "humor" has been done about one thousand times. I never thought Jestars "zomgomzom. Booooob" rants were funny, and I never will, even if it is put into some movie.

Try to come up with something creative next time, not just that "1337" language thing. And spend some more time on it.

Now you can go ahead ranting about me and how mean I am.
Or try to stop repating yourself all the time.

Misfitblob responds:


just kidding

Thanks for the constructive critisism I guess


-Miss You- -Miss You-

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Sorry, I just couldn't bother to watch it all.
anyway it was aimed towards one person, what's the point of putting it out on Newgrounds, couldn't you just email it to her or whatever?

djleeroy responds:

Nope. :P Some people like it, some don't. You don't, it doesn't bother me. I'm glad you at least clicked on 'Watch This Movie'. Anyway, don't worry. My next Flash won't be personal at all.

The Little Girl The Little Girl

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

It was a really good story, it really reminded me of some of tim butrons stuff.

The graphics were pretty good, but the animation wasn't anything special, it wasn't really needed though, because of the story, but it could be more enjoyable if the animation was a bit more complex.

I think the narrator wasn't that great, he sounded too young, he should have sounded more like some old wise man that have lived and heard lots of tales, it would have given a much better effect.

Even though it could have been better, this was a pretty good flash that I enjoyed.

Join the darkside Join the darkside

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The joing the darkside and get a free cookie thing is pretty overused.
I don't think this was a very bright idea to make a movie out of anyway. But if you first had to make a movie, you could have put some more effort into it, this was mostly tweened text. The graphics wasn't that bad, but it should have been a lot better animated, after all it don't take that much time to make a better pointing animation.

I'm sure you can create much better movies than this as long as you put some more effort into it.